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I Wade in Goodness
3 most recent entries

Date:2008-01-16 19:20
Subject:do you know?

rubbery nasty toes,
water hanging off my nose.
men referring to hoes,
people accepting "that's how life goes"

sister looking silly,
brother eating a philly (steak sandwhich),
mommy talking loudly,
father nodding proudly.

little bed time buddy smiling,
homework load a'piling,
wednesday humping,
eye gunk clumping.

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Date:2008-01-07 23:17
Subject:coming back

My dear and beautiful roommate, miss Katie Boehnlein,
and I have decided to bring our livejournals back to life.
I predict that we will find this very amusing for about a week
...then never touch them ever again.

Anyways I'm making this friends only because I don't want
just any tom, dick or harry reading about my life.
So if you would like to read a little somethin' about
my everyday happenings, give me an add. Give me a wink.
A nudge.

Bye bye!

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Date:2007-08-21 23:22

Life is beautiful. It is precious and fragile.

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